At My Desk

It seems to be a popular thing these days, among freelancers especially, to show their desk and general working environment. Here's mine (and yes, it usually is that tidy).

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  1. Big Screen. I can't work full-time off a laptop screen. Everything on the laptop is connected via a docking station to make things easier - only one cable connection required!
  2. Video Camera. For when I get around to doing some YouTube (or Vimeo, isn't that a bit more upmarket?)
  3. Tea. Probaby the most important thing on the desk
  4. Reference books - for writing proper and that
  5. Printer - a monster HP that can print scan and copy up to A3! Doesn't fit on the desk ...
  6. To-do list and notes. I like to use a mini aluminium mechanical pencil and a brown Pilot pen
  7. Slippers? In the office? Of course, that's a top comfort tip for you!
  8. I'm using a desk on the other side of the partition as an overspill for working on non-digital activities
WRITING My pen and pencil of choice

The Write Way

I like to use a mini mechanical pencil for most writing and drawing - I got this from Japanese retailer Muji. Unfortunately they don't sell this size any more, only the bigger (normal sized) one. Being made from aluminium means it looks cool and is well built - it must be 10 years old now and is used every day.

The pen I use most is a Pilot G-Tec 24 with unusual dark brown ink just to be different, and a superfine 0.2mm tip. I buy them from Paperchase and more 'normal' colours like blue and black are available. They feel great to use and the fine stroke width is good for those with bad handwriting (seems to make it a bit more readable!)

DOCKING One connection for all

Hickory Dickory Dock

I wanted a laptop with a dedicated docking station as it was replacing a desktop and most of my work is done at a fixed desk. This Lenovo Thinkpad was one of only a few brands that seem to offer docking stations - I don't know if this has changed in the four years I've had it.

It's great to be able to use proper screens, keyboards, mice etc and only have one physical connection to the laptop. You can get aftermarket USB docking stations but be warned that performance, especially the screen display, can be sluggish on slower PC's as everything is channelled through the USB port.

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